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Just a heads up to let you know that Julianna Margulies Fan was successfully moved to the new server. If you see any errors or some pictures or pages are missing please let me know I’m keeping the backup in case. Remember to use the to access the site the other url will soon be redirected here for 2 months.

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You can now find us on Facebook.

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Hi, as you can see Julianna Margulies fan got a new theme made by the very talented Carol ( I will be working on fixing a few things in the next following days so stay tuned.

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Welcome to the new very of Julianna Margulies Fan made by the very talented Nicole. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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We don’t have many videos yet but I will be working a lot on it whenever I can. I still have many to add and can also see the latest additions in the video archive on the sidebar, I hope you enjoy the new feature. VIDEOS ARCHIVE

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Finally we have a new gorgeous version made by the talented Ray and the matching theme for the gallery. I hope you like them as much as I do. I have some fixing to do that I will do later tonight or in tomorrow. Also in other site news related you can now also reach this website at

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So happy to welcome you back this this site. I missed it so much, I’ve re added most of the stuff I added before but lost all content so I will have to redo all the pages again but its so worth it. I hope you like the new version I made on both the main site and the gallery for the relaunch and of course you can follow our